Do you know what ports on your network are open to the World? Are you sure that your financial Information is secure? Does your bank require that you comply with PCI requirements for Credit Card transactions? Do you have a good Disaster Recovery Plan?

These are all elements of Network Security and are all important to the well-being and safety of your business information. Coppernicus can help you with your Information Security needs.

We have access to a suite of scanners to discover any vulnerabilities with the firewalls and routers that insulate your data from the world. We can remediate those issues then retest to validate the security of your interface hardware. Where your hardware is inadequate we can make recommendations for replacement units that are better suited.

Coppernicus will analyze your network to determine whether you are PCI Compliant and take whatever corrective action is necessary to receive a passing score on the Compliance Check. Additionally, we can help you fill out any accompanying survey.

We will assist you in determining the security of your internal data with the intention of discovering whether employees have appropriate rights and privileges for the data they have access to. Often, we find that employees have access to more data than they have any legitimate business ‘need-to-know’. When necessary, we can reassign user rights and secure confidential data.

Security of your business data through recurrent backups is essential. If your server or data storage unit fails and you are without an effective recoverable backup of your data, you are in for a painful and expensive experience attempting to recreate that lost info from whatever source material you have at hand. I have helped companies trying to recover from catastrophic data loss and it is no fun at all. Make sure that you have a good backup, and test it periodically to ensure that it is recoverable.

If you need help establishing, configuring and testing a backup solution, call us; we can help.