Many small businesses have a person on staff who can do some I.T. tasks in addition to their regular duties. Over time, these additional duties can grow and evolve to the point where these secondary duties interfere with the primary responsibility of the employee and impact production. For example, a position that was once ‘Bookkeeper’ evolves into ‘Bookeeper/I.T.’ and at some point into ‘I.T./Bookeeper’. This is where Coppernicus can provide relief.

Our On Site Network Admin program is a good tool for smaller businesses with I.T. needs that have grown beyond the capabilities (or available time) of existing personnel but where full time I.T. staffing is not feasible. We can either act as an adjunct to your on site personnel, or assume the whole I.T. role for your company.

Network Administrative replacement or supplemental services are provided for clients on a recurring, scheduled basis. This service can be provided at a discounted rate based on the level of commitment from the customer. ie: An engineer visits the site every Monday for a full or half day to take care of routine network administration tasks or to work on specific projects. The smallest unit of time for a recurring on-site admin engagement is a 2 hour block at whatever interval suits the client; weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.