If you are ready to replace existing hardware, or are contemplating an initial purchase of a client-server network, Coppernicus is ready to help. Often companies are convinced to “over buy” because they don’t have the necessary experience to evaluate sales claims and feel overwhelmed by the jargon. We can advise on vendors’ proposals, or even help you write an RFQ that you can shop around to various suppliers to get competitive pricing.

Once you have the hardware in hand, an engineer, fully conversant on the products involved, can perform your installation. Having a knowledgeable and approachable engineering staff is critical to ensuring that an implementation proceeds smoothly. We strive to speak English to our clients and leave the ‘Geek Speak’ for our secret computer guy lodge meetings. Coppernicus is interested in establishing a long-term relationship and having a common language goes a long way in that regard.

This type of service is usually offered at a flat rate and is quoted per job.