Coppernicus provides a number of consulting services:

  • We can assist the customer in developing RFPs to solicit bids for larger IT projects. 
  • We can evaluate hardware or software quotes from outside vendors to determine suitability, value and necessity. 
  • After a thorough analysis of a client’s network, we can make specific recommendations on what would be required to improve workflow, upgrade the existing system, or integrate new applications. 
  • We can provide input on projected IT budget needs based on current staffing, projected growth, and lifecycle considerations of the existing systems. 
  • Working from your specifications, we can research competing products and make recommendations on which may be the best choice for your company. e.g.: which backup software is the best choice in a given scenario .
  • We offer a ‘Network Cartography’ study to characterize and document the physical and logical elements of the IT structure. Receivables include network maps and related diagrams, charts of users, IP addresses, etc.
  • We will work with you, in either a lead or advisory capacity, to generate an IT Disaster Recovery Plan tailored for your facility, to greatly reduce the time it takes to resume network operations in case of a major problem.
  • Acceptable Use Policies that delineate exactly what employees may do with your company technology assets can be provided and modified to suit your workplace. 

*Most of the above services would start with an initial structured interview with the customer to ascertain where he wants to get to and if there is already a plan for getting there; what specific requirements, capabilities and results are desired. Additionally, a physical examination of the customer’s network might be appropriate to characterize the current state of the system for ‘baseline’ purposes. If needed, a detailed plan and schematics will be provided to clarify the recommended solution.