Ever wonder, “What’s really going on around here? What don’t I know that I should?”

Most small business owners don’t have the time required to devote to examining workstations for evidence of productivity wasting activity.

Most small networks are poorly documented and in many cases management has only the vaguest notions of what they have invested in hardware and software.

Hardware and Software Auditing

It is often difficult to catalog just what might be on your users PCs on even your File Server. Over time, various files collect on your information devices, and in the normal course of business, some data becomes either unnecessary or obsolete. These files represent wasted space at a minimum, and potential law suit deposition material in more extreme cases.

We have a number of tools to scan PCs, servers and associated storage devices. From this we will generate reports detailing hardware specs and comprehensive lists of software loaded onto the machines. If you are concerned with licensing compliance, unauthorized downloads, or just keeping a handle on what may be loaded on to the workstations, this is an invaluable procedure.

Hardware and software audits are also useful for insurance purposes; assisting you in assigning a value to your information resources.